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We’ll help you take the guesswork out of sales hiring so your business can grow. With the Predictable Sales Hire Framework you can confidently hire a 7 figure closer, replace your B & C sales people, build your sales bench, and more, without spending a fortune on another general recruiter. How can we serve you?

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Predictable Sales Hire Service

→ 85% of applicants for sales positions don’t have what it takes to succeed

→ We identify the 15% of the sales talent pool who CAN and WILL sell for you.

→ We do it all WITH you depending on where you are stuck in the hiring process

→ Creating a right profile, compensation package, sourcing, vetting, screening, coordinating, help with interviewing, offer process and onboarding

→ Project based: No success fees

Top Sales Hunters Weekly

→ Receive 5-10 vetted REMOTE Sales Hunters in your inbox

→ Access to Updated Sales Compensation for various sales roles

→ Actionable Sales Hiring Tips to help you get better and better at sales hiring weekly

→ Build and Grow your Virtual Sales Bench

Just $79/month

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1:1 Coaching Call 

Book a working session with Olga:

→ We will talk about your top 2-3 sales hiring challenges, outline your strategy and come up with a tactical action plan to hire the right sales talent.

→ Review/Interview your top candidates for expert opinion to save you from a mishire

→ Help you set up the right profile/comp plan

How can we help you?

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