What Clients Are Saying

Hiring good salespeople is not an easy task. Oftentimes sales candidates are doing their best sales job while interviewing, and once they get in the chair, they tend to generate less-than-desirable results.

For a long time, I didn’t know why…Revenue Hire was able to identify candidates that are top notch. Through their recruitment process they were able to quantify hidden strengths and weaknesses that a normal interview process could not.

As a result, they saved me at least 20 hours of interview time per hire, and when I was finally engaged with the interview process, I was only dealing with “A” players.
Our newest team member has taken our onboarding process and cut the typical ramp up time in half… believe it or not, we actually knew that would happen too! Thank you, Olga!

~Courtney Muehlmeier
BridgeOne Global Solutions

Olga was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to understand what our needs were and what kind of sales agent we were seeking. She is well trained and has spent a considerable amount of time working on her skills as an interviewer. She took the entire process off of our plate which saved us a huge amount of time. She was open to having the interviews at our office and allowed us to participate in any stage that we wanted to be involved in. This was a great learning opportunity for me and for the other managers in the company to learn how to correctly interview candidates. We have had great results with the sales agents we have sourced with Olga and will look back to her in the future to help us find the next top producers.

~Vice President, Sales


“I recommend Olga and her team to anyone looking to improve and streamline their hiring process. Upon hire they immediately implemented standardized frameworks to work in for reliable results, and saved our internal team hundreds of hours with their efficiency and excellence. The results speak for themselves, and she upskilled our team as an added bonus.”

~CEO, Online learning company

I would highly recommend Olga and Revenue Hire for any company looking to take the guesswork and stress out of hiring expert, high-caliber sales people for their organization. She has been a pleasure to work with – she’s very efficient and focused, quickly gets to the bottom of our hiring needs with us, and diligently searches, interviews, and recruits for top candidates for us to interview. I’ve been very impressed with the process, and have full faith in it, as we have had several excellent hires thanks to her and her company. Revenue Hire has been a great addition to our company tool box and we could not be happier.

~Stephanie Harris
Founder & CEO, PartnerCentric

Olga and her team work diligently, patiently and professionally to help secure our growing title company an excellent salesperson. Not only is our salesperson exceeding expectations with our clients, but she is a great character fit with our existing team. Everyone loves Fawn! Thank you to Olga for finding us a gem!