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Trying to hit your revenue goals is overwhelming if you aren’t recruiting sales talent consistently….

  • Your B & C sales reps keep missing their quotas and you don’t have time to replace them.
  • You don’t have a virtual bench of A players ready to go. You will most likely miss revenue goal when there is an empty hunter seat on your team.
  • You have no idea how much to pay to attract the right hunter
  • You are short on time and guess who is the right hunter for you instead of following a predictable sales hiring process.

And ALL that leads to sleepless nights and feeling constantly stressed. We don’t want that for you. No more guessing. No more wasting time, money and opportunities. Revenue Hire has given many business owners a way to predictably hire sales hunters. This sales hiring specific approach will work for you too.

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What do you get with Top Sales Hunters Weekly?

  • Consistent flow of Remote Vetted Sales Hunters: You will receive between 5-10 sales hunters who are currently open to new opportunities, had their first interview with us and made it through our Predictable Sales Hire qualifying process.
  • Access to the most recent sales compensation for remote sales roles.
  • An actionable sales hiring tip: sharpen your saw and become better and better at sales hiring each week.
  • Save Your time: early qualifying stages of sales hiring (sourcing, coordinating and screening)  can take up to 20 hours per hire.
  • Virtual Sales Bench: Create a Bench of A Players for future hiring when you see a good fit. Don’t keep those B & C players around.

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How does Top Sales Hunters Weekly work?

1. Subscribe to receive hunters pipeline & tips weekly. For just $79/month, you get:

  • Weekly access to our Top Sales Hunters. Every week we source, screen and qualify hundreds of sales candidates, and after vetting them, we have between 5-10 Top sales hunters who can AND will sell. They are open to remote opportunities.
  • Access to the most current sales compensation to budget for your sales roles accordingly
  • 1 actionable sales hiring tip that will help you get better at sales hiring each week.

2. Review & build your bench:

  • Set aside 10 minutes each week to go over the hunters you received. Mark those you want to move to next step as: Interview or Bench.
  • For those you want to interview, we will send you interview notes, introduce you to the candidate and coordinate your interview.
  • Virtual Bench: we will let the candidate know you might be interested in the future and will keep track with them regularly on your behalf until you are ready to hire.
  • When you hire a sales hunter we send you, there is a success fee of 10% of a candidate’s base salary.

3. Hit your revenue goals

  • With consistent flow of A players and a growing virtual sales bench, you’ll be amazed how your confidence goes up and peace of mind ensures. You will have full control of your revenue goals.
  • Your sales culture will improve and will have higher accountability. Predictable sales hiring leads to replacing B & C players with A Players who demand higher accountability and are driven to win.
  • Know the latest compensation data and create desirable offer letter, so you can attract strong performers.
  • Get and apply one helpful sales hiring tip, and get better at sales hiring each week.

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