How to win like a woman using men’s “secrets”?

Why are there so many MEN running million dollar companies compared to WOMEN?

Do men KNOW or DO something we don’t?

Below are THREE “secrets” I learned ABOUT men that help them be more successful while being one of a few women in (mostly) all men’s organization.


HOW are these “secrets” helping me win like a WOMAN?

I used to be a part of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) for almost 3 years with my previous company.

Back in those days our Austin chapter was mostly men. Out of 120 or so members we MAYBE had 8 women total.

To be a member you had to run a million dollar business. SO I was meeting each month with 8+ other CEOs (who were all men) and went to countless learning/networking events with (mostly) men.

I was fascinated: WHY were there so MANY men members compared to women???

What do MEN do differently???

Here are the THREE “secrets” I learned:

1) Men TRULY network and more importantly, they USE their network. They put time into building relationships and then ASK for the help when they need it. If they know someone can help them, they simply ask.

Compared to women who are afraid to ask because we don’t want the other person to think we only have a relationship with them for some benefit. If a man can, he will help. It’s that straight forward. I have so many stories when I did that and how many doors opened for me.

2) One of the first questions men ask each other in a business context: HOW are you SCALING/growing your business? I noticed men are more OBSESSED with building for scale/revenue/legacy, etc.

If there is no clear path to replicate to grow/have a repeatable process/recurring revenue, they usually move on to something else. While we, as women, are focusing (mostly) on growing a business that’s more solopreneur-like with a smaller team while using the skills we have.

3) Men are SIMPLE: if it’s important to him, he will put ALL his attention/time/resources on that. Distractions are screened out.

Men set their whole life/day to make sure he is focused on what’s important to him. For us ladies, our list of priorities usually includes a gazillion other things and what should be super important doesn’t get as much time/attention.

I love being a woman and having ALL my female superpowers of running my business (that’s for another post), but at the same time learning HOW men OPERATE in a business world early on has HELPED me:

1) make sure I incorporate these secrets into how I work; and
2) build even closer relationships with men in my life. Both in business and at home.

Men are not selfish @#$s today’s world makes them to be.

MEN are wonderful beings who (mostly) want to be helpful. So, adding men’s “secrets” to OUR superpowers will only help us win more. Go ahead and try!

Happy win-winning!