Are all sales people motivated by Money?

“Olga, why would I hire this sales person who doesn’t care about money?”
– I heard this expressed in numerous ways over the last 10 years.

Want to hear a secret?

Half of great sales people are externally motivated (aka driven by money).

The other half?

The other half is internally motivated: by some internal goal, purpose, passion, event.

One is not better than the other.

If you believe that money is the only motivating factor for your sales person, then you would not hire the other half that will crush it for you.

This tip is the quickest way to double your candidate pipeline.

So what do you do with this info?

In the interview when you ask about goals and a sales candidate doesn’t talk about how much money they want to make, don’t dismiss them.

Instead, keep listening and digging deeper about what’s really motivating them.

Once you hear it, make notes.

And when you hire this person, work with this person to show them how they can achieve their non money goal with the comp plan you have for them.