How Sales hiring process is different from the traditional way of hiring

Sales hiring is the opposite of general hiring. What works in general hiring will not work when you try to hire a sales person who is right for your business.

I wish I knew that 12 years ago before I wasted time, money and opportunities.

Making many costly SALES hiring mistakes set me off to figure out how to predictably hire sales people who would perform.

There is a lot to it, but in summary, your sales hiring process has to look like a sales process where you are a client and a candidate is selling to you.

Stop wasting your time and start paying attention:
– how are they building rapport with you?
– do they know why you are looking for help?
– are they figuring out your pain?
– are they qualifying you?
-closing you from one step to the other?
-are they following up?

Are they thick skinned?
Or making excuses?

There will be time for you to sell your company to them, but first see if you are dealing with the real sales person and stop talking so much. Let them show you who they are.

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