What type of a salesperson do you REALLY need?

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Improve Your Sales Hiring Success

1 hour Live Virtual Workshop on Nov 16, 2023 at 11am central.


In just 1 hour you’ll uncover one of the main secrets to hiring a predictable revenue producer and taking guesswork out of sales hiring.

I’ll share with you the ultimate secret to figuring out EXACTLY what type of sales person you really need to hit and exceed your revenue goals.  You will walk away with the profile of your right sales producer that will close deals. You will also learn how to create compensation plan for the right profile, so you can confidently attract that right revenue producer.

This is the class for for you IF:

    • you are looking to hire your first sales person
    • you have hired many sales people who failed and you had to let go
    • you promoted a sales leader and want them to get better at sales hiring

Learn how to figure out what type you need, so you can find hire this candidate easily and sleep better at night knowing your team will hit your revenue goals.