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Use this proven Phone Screen Guide to qualify revenue producers in ⅓ of the time (and as early in the process as possible).

Do you want to become better at identifying revenue producers who will meet your revenue goals?

Do you want to become better at predictably identifying which of your sales candidates needs to move to the next step?

Are you tired of wasting hours of your time early in the sales hiring process on candidates that are duds?

Stop wasting up to 30 minutes per person on the first interview with a sales candidate.

Your phone screen has to be short and give you a predictable way to qualify who needs to move to a more in-depth interview. 

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We’ve been qualifying revenue producers since 2013.  After thousands of Phone Screens, we figured out and perfected this proven Phone Script that will free UP to 4 hours of your valuable time PER hire

For just $49, you get not only what questions to ask in this first important interview, but how to structure each initial interview to identify fast if this candidate has what it takes to succeed in sales at your company. 

This first Phone screen is a big test for your sales candidates. If you know what to look for, you will get SUPER helpful insight beyond their actual answers. 

This Guide WILL help you get better at qualifying and moving forward only those candidates who have what it takes to succeed. 

This Phone Screen Guide  will take you less than 20 minutes to read, customize to your criteria and apply in real life. 

The only question is: What will you do with all the extra time you will gain from not wasting on screening the wrong sales people?

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