Get More Sales Interviews: How YOU Can Stand Out in The Sea of Candidates

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Did you know that hiring managers spend on the average 6-8 seconds looking at your resume before they decide whether you are suitable for a role or not. The same goes for LinkedIn. Not getting calls back for interviews? I have some secrets to share with you to fix this.

Have you applied to a gazillion sales jobs to only get crickets in return?

You are so good at sales and just can’t figure out why you aren’t getting invited to that first sales interview?

In the last 14 years I’ve looked at tens of thousands of sales resumes and LinkedIn profiles, interviewed thousands and helped hire hundreds of salespeople.

My trained eye and I have some secrets to share about WHAT makes some sales candidates stand out more than others. When YOU stand out, you get invited to interviews.

And now I will be sharing my helpful secrets in 1 hour LIVE crash course on Friday, Dec 29, 2023 at NOON.

This is for you, If YOU:

  • LOVE SELLING and are LOOKING (or thinking about 👀) for your next sales role.
  • Are COACHABLE and ready to learn what you need to fix (Spoiler alert – it’s not that much but VERY effective!)
  • Have THICK skin, so you don’t take my secrets personally.

Ready to have more sales interviews to land that dream sales role?


What YOU will get in this 1 hour crash course:

  • You will walk away with ACTIONABLE tips on what to do get more sales interviews.
  • You will see why traditional advice on what to put on your sales resume/LinkedIn profile DOESN’T work.
  • You will learn what makes some sales candidates have a TON of interviews and how you can do it too.

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I want more sales interviews, now what?

  1. Pay $11 to get access to this LIVE crash course. (You will get a replay if you can’t make that time). No refunds.
  2.  Watch out for the link to register for our Zoom training. You MUST register after you pay to get the info to attend.
  3. Show up live: bring your questions, your resume, your LinkedIn Profile – we will do live coaching with brave souls.

*This crash course will work for any sales role: from SDR to CRO. (Yes, there are plenty of sales leaders who get this wrong too!) 

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