Hire a Salesperson Who Can Actually SELL!

In just 4 weeks you will KNOW how to predictably hire a Revenue Producer who will ACTUALLY hit your revenue goals. Join a Do-It-With-Me interactive bootcamp where we will go step by step on HOW to actually find AND vet the salesperson who CAN and WILL sell, so you can keep growing your business at the rate you want. 

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It’s almost the end of 2023..

  • Are you going to hit your sales numbers for the year?
  • Take a look at your sales team, go back in time and ask yourself: Will you hire them again?
  • Do you want to keep selling yourself even though your business has been growing and you barely have time for anything else in your life?
  • In sales interviews with candidates: DO you know exactly what to do and ask to figure out if this candidate is the right one for you?

If you answered Yes to all 4 of them, congratulations, you don’t need our help.

If you answered No to at least one of them, you gotta join our bootcamp. Why?

In just 4 weeks you will stop guessing if someone is a revenue producer. You will stop wasting time, money and opportunities. Revenue Hire has given many business owners a way to predictably hire sales producers. It’s time to learn how this sales hiring specific approach will work for you too.

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What do YOU get with Hire a Salesperson Who Can Actually SELL?

  • A proven formula to predictably hire a salesperson who will ACTUALLY grow your revenue. No more guessing. We will go over a recommended process and figure out what’s missing in your current process. 
  • 4 LIVE Zoom lessons to learn All you need + hot seat to do real time coaching on whatever we are learning in that lesson.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions to answer any sales hiring challenges/questions as you go through the sales hiring process, so never feel like you are stuck.
  • The BIGGEST difference between sales hiring and other roles hiring that leads to many sales mis-hires. You will become a pro at what to do instead.
  • How to figure out the right type of a salesperson that you need, what their compensation plan should look like and how to create a job ad that will attract the candidates you want.
  • A Sourcing Blueprint: A Step by step guide to make sure you never run out of qualified candidates to interview + ALL the email templates we use to attract the candidates you want. 
  •  An Interviewing Playbook. Step by step guide for all THREE types of interviews. How to set them up, what to say and what to look for. 
  •  Onboarding Playbook: How to keep your rockstar long term. 
  • What steps you CAN delegate and which ones you CANNOT.

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How does Hire a Salesperson Who Can Actually SELL work?

1. Invest in our bootcamp & join a Facebook Community For $5,555, you get:

  • Three months access to our Sales Hiring School on Facebook. This bootcamp cohort starts at the beginning of each month. First 2 weeks we will be teaching 4 classes on how hire a revenue producer live on Zoom. They will be recorded. 
  • Each live class will be 90 minutes long.
  • Every live class will come with hot seat coaching for the brave souls who want individual coaching on that topic of the class. Weather it’s how to create your profile or what interview questions to ask – we will cover it in live coaching. 
  • Weekly Q&A sessions to guide the hiring and vetting process.

2. We will do it with you:

    • Most people who buy online classes never finish them. That’s why to create a real change we will do this sales hire together. 
    • You will learn HOW to predictably hire a sales person so you will never have to guess (and Overpay) again. You will truly learn “how to fish”.
    • You will have access to other business leaders who are going through this together. This way we will cheer you on AND celebrate your successes.

3. Hire your revenue producer

  • If you watch the lessons and do the homework, you will hire your revenue producer in 4 weeks or less.
  • Your sales culture will improve and will have higher accountability. Predictable sales hiring leads to replacing B & C players with A Players who demand higher accountability and are driven to win.
  • You will have access to Sales Hiring School where you will get support for 3 months, so we can help you with whatever questions or problems you run into. 
  • You will become a pro at sales hiring and feel confident that you can grow your company at the pace you want. How good would it feel to KNOW that you will hit your revenue goals consistently?

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What our customers are saying:

Hiring good salespeople is not an easy task. Oftentimes sales candidates are doing their best sales job while interviewing, and once they get in the chair, they tend to generate less-than-desirable results.

For a long time, I didn’t know why…Revenue Hire was able to identify candidates that are top notch. Through their recruitment process they were able to quantify hidden strengths and weaknesses that a normal interview process could not.

As a result, they saved me at least 20 hours of interview time per hire, and when I was finally engaged with the interview process, I was only dealing with “A” players.
Our newest team member has taken our onboarding process and cut the typical ramp up time in half… believe it or not, we actually knew that would happen too! Thank you, Olga!

~Courtney Muehlmeier
BridgeOne Global Solutions

Olga was a pleasure to work with. She took the time to understand what our needs were and what kind of sales agent we were seeking. She is well trained and has spent a considerable amount of time working on her skills as an interviewer. She took the entire process off of our plate which saved us a huge amount of time. She was open to having the interviews at our office and allowed us to participate in any stage that we wanted to be involved in. This was a great learning opportunity for me and for the other managers in the company to learn how to correctly interview candidates. We have had great results with the sales agents we have sourced with Olga and will look back to her in the future to help us find the next top producers.

~Vice President, Sales

“I recommend Olga and her team to anyone looking to improve and streamline their hiring process. Upon hire they immediately implemented standardized frameworks to work in for reliable results, and saved our internal team hundreds of hours with their efficiency and excellence. The results speak for themselves, and she upskilled our team as an added bonus.”

~CEO, Online learning company

I would highly recommend Olga and Revenue Hire for any company looking to take the guesswork and stress out of hiring expert, high-caliber sales people for their organization. She has been a pleasure to work with – she’s very efficient and focused, quickly gets to the bottom of our hiring needs with us, and diligently searches, interviews, and recruits for top candidates for us to interview. I’ve been very impressed with the process, and have full faith in it, as we have had several excellent hires thanks to her and her company. Revenue Hire has been a great addition to our company tool box and we could not be happier.

~Stephanie Harris
Founder & CEO, PartnerCentric

Olga and her team work diligently, patiently and professionally to help secure our growing title company an excellent salesperson. Not only is our salesperson exceeding expectations with our clients, but she is a great character fit with our existing team. Everyone loves Fawn! Thank you to Olga for finding us a gem!

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