Revenue Hire’s Process for Selecting Sales Candidates

Revenue Hire delivers exceptional sales talent to growing small- and medium-sized businesses nationwide.

But we’re only as good as the candidates we hire, in part because we work with our clients on an exclusive basis, functioning like an outsourced HR manager with sole responsibility for direct hire.

So of course, we take the selection process very seriously, and we value the job seekers who work with us. Our goal is to connect each recruit with a position that fits perfectly with his or her personal goals and unique set of selling skills.

With this in mind, we employ a technology-driven, 6-step assessment process:

  1. Online application
  2. Online sales assessment
  3. Brief phone interview for select candidates
  4. Face-to-face interview and sales simulation for best candidates
  5. Client interview for top 3 candidates
  6. Position offered to best candidate

We appreciate the time you invest in each step, so once you’ve passed our process, you’ll remain in our system and won’t start from scratch should you apply for other positions in the future.

To get started, visit Revenue Hire on Facebook, where we post all available positions.