What is the BEST interview question to ask a potential sales hire?

“What is the best interviewing question for sales people?” – I get that question so many times from the hiring managers.

It’s a wrong question to ask. There is no such thing.

Instead, you need to know the profile you are hiring for.

And then…

Reverse Engineer the questions you have to ask to figure out if they fit the profile.

And then…

Ask for real life examples from THEIR experience. Not some book, on training they took, or blog they read.

For example, you are looking for a hunter. Someone who can find and close new deals for you.

Questions I would ask would be:
In the last role, how many new deals have you closed?
How did you find those deals?
How many leads did you talk to close one deal?

And then I would ask similar questions about previous roles.

You have to think about your profile you are hiring for, before you google “Best questions to ask in the sales interview.”

Profile prep is 80% of your successful sales hire.

That’s how you figure out the best questions to ask to get exactly what you are looking for.

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