B2B Sales Recruitment

Revenue Hire identifies, interviews, and direct hires high-performance sales talent for growing small- and medium-sized companies, expertly managing the candidate-selection process from start to finish while you concentrate on your core business.

Objective, professional, and unwavering in our commitment to clients, we customize our process to the unique needs of every company, managing hiring on an ongoing basis or hand selecting highly qualified

  • Producers
  • Sales managers
  • Sales VPs
  • Sales teams

Designed around a proven, technology-driven process, our sales-hiring efforts

  • Save you time
  • Prevent lost revenue
  • Instill confidence and peace of mind

In addition, we provide detailed profiles and personalized management suggestions for each candidate, helping you kick-start every new hire’s training with customized leadership tools that optimize success.

Revenue Hire maintains a rigorous and exacting sales-hiring process that yields guaranteed talent with zero hassle. We hand select candidates using a start-to-finish, 7-step method.

With this core process driving every new hire, we customize each step depending on the type of experience needed, the subject-matter expertise required, and the specific skills and talents necessary for each distinct role. We work with all industries.

1. Customized Ad Creation

Create and distribute role-specific employment ads, attracting attention from candidates who show a particular interest in your industry and goals.

2. High-tech Candidate Assessment

Leverage industry-leading technology to source, screen, and assesses each candidate, creating a detailed picture of sales aptitude and company fit.

3. Role-specific Interview

Conduct rigorous personal interviews with every possible candidate, analyzing professionalism, honesty, people skills, and a range of considerations unique to each role.

4. Sales-simulation Evaluation

Assess selling skills through industry-specific, improvisational role-playing exercises.

5. Candidate Presentation: 2–3 Qualified Candidates

Trim list of qualified candidates down to 2 – 3 individuals best suited to the role, and present selections to client management in detail.

6. Cultural interview

Partner with client companies to conduct cultural interviews of each vetted candidate, facilitating final selection of the best personality fit for your unique corporate environment.

7. Strategic handoff

Educate management on details of new hire’s strengths, experiences, and areas of potential struggle, supporting a seamless transition into training and sales success.

Revenue Hire guarantees our sales talent, so if your new employee doesn’t work out within the first 3 months, we will provide a new candidate or issue a credit toward future hires.

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