Internal Recruiting Team on Demand

Did you know, on average, losing an entry-level employee costs employers 50% of that person’s annual salary OR for a technical or senior-level employee the cost goes up to 125%?

Did you know that most hiring managers would rather go to a dentist than devote their time to hiring? The thought of sorting through hundreds of resumes and having numerous initial interviews that don’t lead anywhere causes them to feel dread and overwhelm.

Did you know hiring managers in fast growing companies are already at their capacity with their day to day goals and objectives to meet and just don’t have enough hours in the week to devote to hiring?

Imagine if there was a service

  • where your fast growing company had an on demand hiring team that project managed your entire hiring process.
  • that provided your hiring managers with vetted and pre-screened candidates, so they can only focus on a handful of qualified candidates instead of a forever growing pile of resumes.
  • That gets your open roles filled in a short predictable amount of time, so your turnover costs are only going down.

You don’t have to imagine it—we’ve created it.

Expand your hiring team on demand: Case Study

One of our most customers hired us to project manage, screen, and execute on the repeatable hiring process that they defined, implemented and wanted to follow. By getting us involved, they ended up hiring 21 FT employees for various roles that varied from engineers to marketers in just 4 months.

We created scorecards for every role to make sure everyone was on the same page. We’ve processed 1700+ incoming resumes that their hiring managers didn’t have to look through. We’ve held 500+ half hour initial interviews to present 100+ vetted and qualified candidates for in depth interviews with hiring managers. Which averaged about 5 qualified vetted candidates per role for hiring managers to invest their time in and move to cultural interviews.

Our client was able to create a hiring cookbook and now has good awareness of how long it takes to make a hire, how many candidates need to be in the funnel, how many initial interviews to shoot for to move through the steps and to make a hire. Our client now has a predictable formula for hiring that will help them in their next growth spurt.

“I recommend Olga and her team to anyone looking to improve and streamline their hiring process. Upon hire they immediately implemented standardized frameworks to work in for reliable results, and saved our internal team hundreds of hours with their efficiency and excellence. The results speak for themselves, and she upskilled our team as an added bonus.”

~CEO, Online learning company

Planning on hiring 10+ employees in the next 12 months? Just closed a round of funding and need to hire a significant amount of employees fast? How much more of your company goals can you accomplish when your open roles get filled faster with the right fits?

Get an internal recruiting team on demand to do your hiring work for you, so you and your team can focus on crushing your business goals

Let’s grow your team!