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Revenue Hire's Story - Revenue Hire

Revenue Hire’s Story

Revenue Hire got started in February of 2013. Born of a practiced CEO’s own experience with the challenges of building an effective sales organization, our reimagined approach to traditional recruiting was built around 3 simple yet innovative capabilities:

  • Complete, start-to-finish management of candidate selection
  • Client-specific hiring customization
  • Proven, technology-driven candidate profiling

In her former role as CEO of a 44-year-old global company, founder Olga Pechnenko has confronted the ongoing challenges of effective sales hiring first hand. Her involvement with recruiters only yielded additional frustration due to lack of

  • Role-specific customization
  • Effective, sales-specific systems and processes
  • Start-to-finish execution, from initial outreach to final hire

After partnering with a variety of hiring experts, she fine-tuned her own process into a polished, technology-driven machine for selecting highly effective revenue generators.

Today, that machine has evolved into Revenue Hire.