New Hire Guarantee

Revenue Hire guarantees our sales talent, so if your new employee doesn’t work out within the first 3 months, we will provide a new candidate or issue a credit toward future hires.


For Employers: About Revenue Hire’s B2B Sales Recruitment Process

Revenue Hire maintains a rigorous and exacting sales-hiring process that yields guaranteed talent with zero hassle. We hand select candidates using a start-to-finish, 7-step method.

With this core process driving every new hire, we customize each step depending on the type of experience needed, the subject-matter expertise required, and the specific skills and talents necessary for each distinct role. We work with all industries.

Our 7-Step Method

1. Customized ad creation

  • Create and distribute role-specific employment ads, attracting attention from candidates who show a particular interest in your industry and goals

2. High-tech candidate assessment

  • Leverage industry-leading technology to source, screen, and assesses each candidate, creating a detailed picture of sales aptitude and company fit

3. Role-specific interview

  • Conduct rigorous personal interviews with every possible candidate, analyzing professionalism, honesty, people skills, and a range of considerations unique to each role

4. Sales-simulation evaluation

  • Assess selling skills through industry-specific, improvisational role-playing exercises

5. Candidate presentation: 2 – 3 qualified candidates

  • Trim list of qualified candidates down to 2 – 3 individuals best suited to the role, and present selections to client management in detail

6. Cultural interview

  • Partner with client companies to conduct cultural interviews of each vetted candidate, facilitating final selection of the best personality fit for your unique corporate environment

7. Strategic handoff

  • Educate management on details of new hire’s strengths, experiences, and areas of potential struggle, supporting a seamless transition into training and sales success